Sunshine and lollipops

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Sunshine and lollipops

Post by BalooTwo » Thu Feb 02, 2017 8:58 pm

Been a while, and just read the last Scouts Canada Report. I know we are all supposed to think positive, but when salaries and benefits out match membership fees, you just have to wonder. And, I never realized membership dropped so low, so I guess the latest initiatives like the new uniforms and the Canadian Path haven't seemed to slow the tide of departure. I remember reading some article several years ago that stated that the sustainable youth membership level was 100,000 - so now what.Scouting is all about the movement and furthering the youth in the movement. Just have to wonder.

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Re: Sunshine and lollipops

Post by Hawkeye3 » Fri Feb 03, 2017 12:45 pm

I live in suburban Ottawa in a neighbourhood which is quickly being dominated by empty nesters. In the last two years, my Troop has swallowed two troops and we've lost a pack. The neighbourhood schools are at risk of closing as they're around 50% capacity.

For my Area, I created two presentations showing (using demographic data from the school board) growth neighbourhoods and neighbourhoods with fewer kids. The report showed our Scout groups are concentrated in empty nester neighbourhoods (no kids) and growth where we have no groups. It took two years before I found a GC willing to start new sections in the growth area. One section is full, the other is growing. Main reasons for lack of interest: too risky, not enough volunteers - no one asked volunteers if they'd move to a new section in a new neighbourhood. No groups would collaborate to create new sections in new neighbourhoods.

Another recommendations was for groups to share advertising. Send out school flyers listing locations by night (e.g. 1st Grenovians - Monday at School A, 2nd Grenovians - Tuesday at School B, etc.). No interest. No one wanted to share.

Perhaps it's just my area that wont share and communicate between groups. I hope it is. But, I know in my area, we are cannibalizing each other for fewer youth while leaving neighbourhoods with bursting schools alone. All because we won't share and are too risk averse. How can I convince GCs and the AC to take a reasonable risk and work together?

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Re: Sunshine and lollipops

Post by Sam Wallis » Fri Feb 10, 2017 11:05 pm

Guides in my area used to have one registration night for the whole town
6 spark groups
5 brownie groups
3 Guide groups
2 pathfinder
1 ranger group

all registered in one room, at one time. grouped by ages, all displayed when and where they met. then you could pick meetings that work, and interview the leaders to figure out which guide group camped a lot and which did crafts

Guides now can only do online, they lost this and its hurt their registration from what I hear.
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