Top One Want Poll Results

A place to share online program tools and ideas for online tools.
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Top One Want Poll Results

Post by andrewpaterson » Tue Mar 31, 2009 8:52 am

(from Wiggio...)
Sorry... this is a bit raw but I wanted to get it in here for completeness...

What 1 thing would you want in an online program resource? (1 sentence... top want)
Andrew says: The ability to colaborate and share ideas.
cpike says: Part 1 or Part 2 presentations - video recordings or Powerpoints
nevafudge says: New games that incorporate badge themes
John says: open collaborative environment
Christopher says: ability to flag an activity as either fantastic, good, or inappropriate
dmacdonald says: Complete program planning tool - 3 year, 1 year, 3 month, weekly & outing planner
scoutleader101 says: Free access to all. no passwords or logins needed.
kewagner says: I want to be able to contribute ideas that are specific to where I live.
jcelms says: good cross section of games
mc.ferguson.13 says: I want an easily accessible resource created by Canadian scouters for Canadian scouters through uploading information, that is searchable by many topics.
Stephen says: A good bank of great program ideas for each section
Bernie says: Program templates -weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly, 3-year
smackie says: variety

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Karen too
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Re: Top One Want Poll Results

Post by Karen too » Mon Apr 19, 2010 1:52 pm

A complete interactive webbased secure system to manage Section and Group attendance/finance/fundraising with the ability to include non-Scouting members ie parents and siblings, to plan meeting/monthly/yearly/Beaverees and camps. IOW, I want it ALL

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