A "Rope Challenge" Activity

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A "Rope Challenge" Activity

Post by Scouter Bob M » Sat Apr 05, 2014 6:14 pm

Danger!! Trying to teach about knots to a bunch of active Scouts often gets really boring for the kids, and very frustrating for the Leaders.

To reduce this danager we have to make this learning a lot more fun and active. One way is to play to the Scouts' desire for a challenge.

The 'Instructions' on the attachments are for a challenge activity that presents knot work to your Scouts (or maybe Cub Scouts, or Ventureres, or even Leaders). The activity can be:
  1. ~ run for any size group, in just about any loction,
    ~ modified in many ways to suite the age level and skills of the participants,
    ~ used to get the shy / withdrawn individual to participate in a Patrol activiy in a supportive environment,
    ~ a great ego boost for some Scouts but a satisfying experience for all involved,
    ~ used to introduce Patrol leadership concepts,
    ~ a demonstration of the "plan / do / review" method, by incorporating time for the Patrol to do all those steps in a very short time.
What's Needed for the Activity:
  • > space for 7 "Harbours" around the playing area, equiped as described in the Instructions below,
    > Leaders to be the "Harbour Masters" to set-up and run the "Harbours" as described in the Instructions below,
    • {they don't even have to know the knots themselves, but it sure would be nice to have a few who do!}
      { Challenge for the Leadership Team -- how can 2 or 3 "Harbour Masters" cover all 7 Harbours?? You'll think of something :idea:
    > One Leader to play the role of "Admiral" and run the whole Activity -- especially the explanations to the Scouts, keeping to a strict time schedule, moderating the "Patrol Discussions" between sessions {most likely done in a Horseshoe}.
    > One copy of the "Rope Challenge -- Leaders' Sheet" (provided below) for each leader helping to run the activity,
    • {it would be helpful to distribute this to all Leaders the meeting before the date of the Activity -- but I have run it at the spur-of-the-moment without too much confusion :roll:

    > One copy of the "Rope Challenge -- Scout Sheet" (provided below) for each participant,
    > One length of rope suitable for knotting - 3 m / 10' would be great.
    > and last, but not least, one "fabulously expensive yacht" {use your imagination - this in itself could be a lot of laughs :lol:
Time Requirements:

To make this a fast-paced activity, put strict time limits on each round such that most Scouts can not complete all 7 Challenges {Scouts must be told this, otherwise there will be arguments.} -- suggest 5 min. for each round.

"Patrol Discussions", when the Scouts are just sitting (always a dangerous / boring time), should also be short and snappy -- 5 min. for each round

Final Debrief might be a bit longer, but still keep it short -- 10 min.
Here is where the "Admiral" will really have to "manage" the discussion to cover what's really important to the program, while guiding the flow of the Scouts' ideas.

By my arithmetic that's 40 minutes. Allowing time for 'gathering' between rounds, we're talking about 45 min. Don't let it go over 1 hour. That's half the usual meeting time if done in that venu. Do you want to allocate that much time to this in your program? How could you modify it to suit your purposes??


Instruction Sheets Needed are attached:
One for each Scout / participant.
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Give this to all the Leaders -- preferably at least a week ahead of time.
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