Geocaching for Beavers

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Bob Gordon
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Geocaching for Beavers

Post by Bob Gordon » Mon Jun 10, 2013 10:39 pm

Our Colony had a brief introduction to geocaching at a recent meeting (by a parent whose family are enthusiastic geocachers) then went out and found two caches in the neighbourhood and placed our own cache including a trackable. This was a very successful event.

We will certainly include in our program next year. Question is how much emphasis to give to it. Comprehension about what it means will vary greatly from the 5 year olds to the 7 year olds. And it might detract from other things we want to emphasize on hikes - observing nature etc. I agree with some posts on other topics in this forum, which suggest it should be secondary to basic map and compass (which we introduce Beavers to). Orienteering is good when we have been able to join an introductory session by the local orienteering club but this hasn't happened nearby recently - ideally would organize our own with help from older sections.

My first take is to do a meeting with some neighbourhood activity, and a weekend hike with a focus on geocaching, sometime in the fall, and similar in the spring. Other outdoor activities would not involve geocaching. Once a month we might discuss visitors to our cache (already know there was a former Beaver/Cub/Scout) and report on where the trackable has got to. Would encourage Beaver families to pursue on their own.

Would like to hear from others with experience or thoughts on this.

Bob Gordon
25th Dunbar

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Re: Geocaching for Beavers

Post by Hawkeye3 » Tue Jun 11, 2013 9:03 am

We go geocaching a few times a year. When we go, we normally bring ~25 youth with us. Each lodge gets a GPS (pre-set) and we search for a few geo caches.

After we placed ours last year, we followed the comments on it every few weeks using one of our leaders tablets. Our geocache is labelled as a Scouts (Beavers) geocache so that people know it’s ours.

Next year, I plan on making more of an adventure out of geocaching. We have to use satellites to help us find forest treasures or to play “hide and seek” with the Grenovians (our rival Scout group, friendly of course!).

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Re: Geocaching for Beavers

Post by dafishe » Tue Sep 10, 2013 10:37 am

I've run a Geo-caching meeting for a few years with 93rd Toronto and its a lot of fun. One year we went out and found a couple, and another year we planted one ourselves.

In either case I ask the Beavers to bring in a small toy to get the cache started, or to exchange when we find one. During the meeting I explain what Geo-caching is, and how people hide and look up caches. I explain that creating a Geo-cache is one way the Beavers can make the world a better place, because so many people will have fun finding it. They get so excited when we're on the hunt and a leader counts down the distance to the cache:

"20 meters!"
"10 meters!"
"We're right on top of it!"

We've maintained this cache for about 2 years, and each year we read the log book to the Beavers so they know how many people are having fun finding it: ... ver-scouts

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Re: Geocaching for Beavers

Post by akela123ottawa » Wed Sep 18, 2013 9:37 am

We have done the same thing in the past and will continue doing so into the future. In fact, our pack has put together a cache on our sponsor's property (with their permission of course) that will be live soon. We've also sent out trackables into the world.

Last year, we made Geocaching our pack specialty and in the previous year there was a number of youth who opted for geocaching as their individual specialties. It is great fun for the cubs to be able to find something that they know has been all over the place and seeing where a given trackable is right now. One of our last meetings of the has been and will be an urban hike to find a cache or two with a stop at the local Baskin Robbins. One thing that we're now going to try to do at our camps this year is to find nearby caches should they exist. The youth are really engaged in the idea of geocaching and I suspect that a number of them will continue with it once they age out of the program.
Jason Schultze
123rd Ottawa Cub Pack

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