SCOUTS: Exploring Badge - Share Your Expeditions!

Scouting opportunities of national scope, or open to any group anywhere. Local planning belongs somewhere else.
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SCOUTS: Exploring Badge - Share Your Expeditions!

Post by Jody » Mon Apr 08, 2013 12:18 pm

ImageThe following are the requirements of the Scout "Exploring" Badge:
1. Plan, conduct and evaluate three expeditions of increasing challenge; by foot, bike, canoe, etc.
Distance and durability to be determined with your Scouter based on personal ability.
2. Demonstrate the use of a map and compass.
3. Explain risk management for these trips, including safety precautions necessary.
4. Evaluate your experience.
Please share the basic details of your Troop's "expeditions" here.

Please also use this thread to seek help from others for expeditions you would like to try but need advice on executing.

Let's make this a real sharing place of ideas and practical suggestions.

Hopefully this thread will help inspire other Troops in the planning and execution of their "expeditions".

Please cite the key elements of your "expeditions" such as (for example only):
(1) when and where you are going;
(2) how you plan to get there;
(3) how many Scouts plan to attend;
(4) type of gear required (e.g., canoes, skis, snowshoes, ultra-lightweight tents, etc.);
(5) any special permits, etc., required for the trip;
(6) any special training needed; and
(7) any lessons you learned from the trip that can be shared with the rest of us.

Expeditions are a place of learning. They are about diving into a place you’ve never been, and learning how to experience the world through your surroundings.
Without mystery, there is no adventure.
-- Mike Libecki ... verywhere/
B. Jody Lotzkar
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