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Raves, rants, and comments about the 2011 uniform change
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Re: Tucked or Untucked

Post by Sam Wallis » Thu Oct 25, 2012 4:17 pm

Just think. scouting in a nudist colony misses all this fun.

I know that didnt help, but maybe, just maybe someone will laugh. or cry when they picture me...
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Re: Tucked or Untucked

Post by norma » Thu Oct 25, 2012 10:47 pm

firedog_53 wrote:New question:
Red Leader uniform. Are the red tech shirts classed as "official" uniforms for Leaders or were they intended as "activity" type clothing?

Follow up question. Where are the Scout clothing line acceptable (our local store had golf type shirts, in navy but not the Venturer ones.

2nd Follow up question. For female Leaders, are the "yoga style" pants appropriate for formal wear or were they intended for activity wear?

Last part. Red ball caps (or "crack head hats" as our kids refer to them, 'cause they ain't quite baseball! ...lol..) are they designed for Rovers or for Leaders or both?

Personally, I would prefer an "official" answer and not opinions or comments on dress and decorum.

ps, still think this could have been handled a bit easier and quicker by making official updates to BP&P.
Only thing that comes close to directly answering any of your answers (and you will have to interpret as you will) is the Uniform FAQ on the uniform page:
Q- What is different about the new uniforms?
A - The new Scouts Canada clothing line is contemporary looking and will appeal to style-conscious youth who want a uniform that
reflects the Scouting tradition but is versatile enough to wear everyday.
• Made from cotton and hi-tech polyester fabrics that are comfortable and quick-drying
• Colours have been updated to reflect a more modern feel
• No more Sash. Scouting youth will now wear their achievements directly on their sleeve. The Scouts’ revamped Badges (which
were also redesigned by Joe Fresh) show off new artwork for various levels of Scouting, with a more contemporary design.

Shirts and pants have a relaxed look and are made of 100% cotton – but not just any cotton – it’s Poplin, a strong cotton fabric that almost
looks like canvas. Poplin is most often associated with dress shirts and it’s incredibly comfortable and results in a high quality product.

Q- What will the uniform clothing line include?
A- The new Scouts Canada uniforms encompass a dynamic line of youth and adult wear including polo tees, tech tees, ball caps, hoodies and yoga
pants, as well as increased availability of items exclusively tailored for women. All items are clearly branded with Scouts Canada logos and are designed
to mix and match to create a uniform look. Best of all, the price point of the new clothing line will be comparable to that of the old uniform.

The new uniform is a 'clothing line' from what is said. They don't seem to make a distinction between "official" and "activity" other than the badges are only shown with a placement on the button up shirts for Scouts and above, the Jersey shirt for Cubs and the Vest for Beavers, and not the 'tech t' or 'golf shirt' ... but that would be more of an observation than anything 'official'

The Red uniform is for both Rovers and Leaders (they wear the same uniform) as all the information on the official uniform page indicates (http://www.scouts.ca/uniform/)
The distinction between a Rover and Leader is made by their badges (Rovers have a "Rover Scout Strip" (similar to the Sea Scout strip for Scouts and Vents) that they can get to wear to show they are not a leader)

Was looking in Scout Shop to show that the red hat is the Rover/Leader hat ... but they have the hat listed under 'Venturers' But the model is the model that is listed under "rovers/leaders" on the uniform page.

http://www.scoutshop.ca/eSolution/searc ... ap&lang=en

Tech B/Cap- Red-Adult M/L
Selling Price
Item#: 057197521047
Brand: Joe Fresh
Section: Venturer

If you want the updates BP&P you could message Jessica. She said on Facebook it was basically done (think it was just missing the pictures), but got delayed for some other things that came up late last year.

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Re: Tucked or Untucked

Post by firedog_53 » Fri Oct 26, 2012 7:25 am


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Re: Tucked or Untucked

Post by LoyalistMang » Fri Oct 26, 2012 7:31 am

norma wrote:There is a FAQ under the 'uniform' page. But it is limited and doesn't cover most of the questions asked (and then answered) in the fb group. Now that the Uniform has been out for a year it would make sense to take that file on facebook and make an "official" FAQ and add it to the Scouts Uniform page
The facebook file was a good medium in order to gather 'real' questions from real Scouters/parents/youth about the uniform. And the questions that were asked in that file were asked by multiple people so there are likely others across Canada asking the exact same questions
I'm working on it. :lol: I've been suggesting that all of the questions asked and answered on Facebook be aggregated and posted somewhere for months. I then made the tactical error of offering to do it myself. Jessica Page was all over that. Once I have them collected, they'll be going into the Scouts Canada wiki. I'm just looking at how best to organize them there. No good deed goes unpunished. ;-)
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