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Scouts Canada Wiki

Post by Karl Wagner » Mon Mar 21, 2011 1:24 pm

To: All Scouts Canada members
From: Doug Reid, Deputy National Commissioner – Program Services
Re: Introducing Our New Scouts Canada Wiki: Where Great Ideas Come Together

Live at, Scouts Canada's Wiki is our newest online program resource for volunteers.
Using the technology of Wikipedia, Scouts Canada's Wiki augments and enhances our official program resources by giving instant access to the collective wisdom and ingenuity of volunteers from right across the country. You'll find a wealth of information at your fingertips (including a cross-listed badge reference). More importantly, you'll find a place to share your tried and true program resources, discuss and debate your thoughts, ideas and experiences, and find new and better ways to develop and deliver your best program ever.

What's so fascinating about a Wiki? It's a living document; a constantly changing, continuously evolving work in progress. Changes within are tracked, and contributors edit their own content as they communicate their thoughts and vision for Scouting to the whole wide Wiki world. It's a vehicle for all voices.

The Scouts Canada Wiki will be your resource to share information, ideas and tips with your fellow Scouters. Best of all, it can help everybody learn from sections that are experiencing growth and high retention. Even small solutions can make a big difference when we all participate!

Wiki: a dynamic resource for Scouters:
  • A resource for anyone in a leadership role within Scouts Canada. (These include Scouters, Volunteer Helpers, Scouters in Training, Kims and Keeos.)
  • Program suggestions focused on badge based program delivery for Beaver Scouts, Cub Scouts, Scouts, Venturer Scouts, and Rover Scouts.
  • A cross-listed reference of badge work, so when you work on one badge requirement you'll know if it applies to another badge as well.
  • What is a Wiki Site? Think of this site as a pot-luck meal. Bring something you think others will enjoy and help yourself to anything that others brought!
  • A resource of both official and member-contributed materials.
  • A support tool for everyone who delivers Scouts Canada programs – Wiki content is not intended to replace any official Scouts Canada training, or the Program Builder Online, but provided to augment them.
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Re: Scouts Canada Wiki

Post by awallwork » Tue Mar 22, 2011 10:59 pm

It's off to a great start! The content mob is doing extremely well!

Possibly need to look at a quick upgrade on MediaWiki to get some of the warm and fuzzy WYSIWUG features Wikipedia's been using for a few days, make it even easier for volunteers to edit! WikiSyntax is a little weird to learn sometimes... | andrew.wallwork AT pccrovers (the one character) com | twitter @scoutscanada @awallwork

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Re: Scouts Canada Wiki

Post by beavermom » Sun Apr 10, 2011 11:24 am

My Leaders love this- Good work- looking for to all the stuff to be added. Hoping some of the ideas put on here will make it into it. :D
thanks to all who put hours into making this resource a reality :D :P

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